Welcome to Animin!

This page is for parents, giving you all the basic facts so that you can feel confident and happy about your children playing Animin.

If there are any questions you feel we haven’t answered please get in touch: contact details can be found at the bottom of the page.


What is Animin?

Animin is a next-generation digital pet, which in simple terms means that it’s a digital pet that lives on a smartphone or tablet, and is brought to full, three-dimensional life with an Animin Pack.

The game involves looking after and nurturing your Animin, allowing it to evolve and grow in your world.

Playing games and keeping it happy earns ‘Zef’ tokens; collect enough and your Animin will evolve – there are three stages, Baby, Kid and Adult.

To successfully care for T-Bo, Kelsey, Pi and Mandy your child will need to keep them happy, healthy, fit and well fed.

Successfully caring for an Animin is no easy task: your child will learn to be attentive, responsible and generous as a result.

There are also mini-games that you can play with your Animin, including Cannon Clash and Box Land.

Post-launch, we will continue to improve Animin by adding features and mini-games. But these will be made available automatically to Animin players, via updates of the iOS and Android apps, which will be free of charge. Keep an eye on this website to find out when updates are coming and what they will add.


What is included in each Animin pack?

Each Animin Pack costs £4.99 and includes a Gamecard and an activation code (plus some Animin-branded goodies). Four different Animin Packs are available – one for each of the different Animin characters, T-Bo, Kelsey, Pi and Mandy. When you point the smartphone or tablet on which your Animin lives at the AR Card, your Animin will appear to come to life in your immediate surroundings.

Animin can be played without the Gamecard, but they won’t appear to roam around the real world, and without purchasing the Animin Pack (which includes the AR Card and an activation code), the version of the game you can play lacks most of the gameplay – essentially it is a taster version of Animin. Animin is aimed at children aged 7 to 13, but is perfectly suitable for both slightly younger and slightly older kids. Or even any curious adults.


Parents’ Involvement

Unless you’d like to play the game too, it’s isn’t necessary for you to be involved past the initial purchase. We have developed a game in which protecting your privacy is paramount.

Our dedicated team are committed to guiding your children through this new adventure in a safe and child-friendly manner.

We support the introduction of Apple’s Family Sharing service  which allows you to control your children’s iOS account. Children with access to Family Sharing will be able to pay for Animin Packs, but you will have to approve any resulting transactions via your mobile, email or iOS device.

The Android version of the game must be purchased by you, either directly from this website or from the Google Play website.


Basic Facts and Functions:

There are no in-app purchases in Animin: the iOS and Android apps are free, but to play the full game, you will need to purchase an Animin Pack for £4.99. Beyond that, there will be no extra charges.

o   You can photocopy the Gamecard: in case your children lose the AR cards from their packs, you can make colour photocopies of them, or print them out from the website.

o   Animin is educational: its gameplay involves looking after a virtual pet by feeding it, exercising it and keeping it healthy.

o   Animin is non-violent: its gameplay is all about nurturing, playing and creating